How To Setup Your DSL Modem

How To Setup Your DSL Modem.

1)If you have rebooted the modem and it doesn't log back in you can check the settings in the modem. If it is a Zoom modem there are 2 IP addresses that you can use to log in and check the settings. In the top of the address bar type in or and it will bring up a username and password. The username will be "admin" and the password should be "zoomadsl" If not try "admin" for the username and "admin" for the password.

2)If you have a Netgear modem the URL is usually or you can try The username is usually admin and the password is password.

3)If you have an Actiontec modem the URL is and you can follow the instructions here:

4)Once you log into the modem make sure that the Protocol is set to PPPoE.

5)VPI should be set to 0 and VCI should be set to 35

6)The username will be your home phone and it should look like this as an example:

7)The password will be "password" all lowercase.

8)Once those settings are in the modem click the Save/Apply button. In older modems choose Save Changes then click Write Settings to Flash.

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