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Unable to Load Webmail

 If you are unable to load your webmail or your website and it just keeps loading the page or it comes up with a blank screen; you may be blocked in the firewall.

Follow the steps below to unblock your IP address:

 Using your internet browser, Go to www.enter.net and click on the pay bill at the top of the page

  1. Login using the email address you have on file and the password.
  2. 2a. If you do not know your email address on file, you will have to contact us so we can provide it to you.

    2b. If you do not know your password, type your email address and click “request a password reset” It will email you a password to that email address

  3. Once you login, in the center of the page, click on “Unblock your IP” in blue

    You should now be able to access your webmail and website!

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